At Multimedia Enterprises, we are advertising agents. We've been producing commercials for a range of clients including MFL, MADEC, Mildura Family Dental, Burrows & Showcase Jewellers, Trentham Estate, Tierney Real Estate Mildura, Mildura Gateway Tavern and more – representing over 46 Sunraysia and regional clients. This means, like a broker we find the best deal for our clients when we buy media time or space. However, we provide more.

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We apply multimedia strategies only agencies can do - because we represent all media, including digital and social media, the continuity of your sales or brand message is optimised. Our media plan and buying strategy optimises your spend and target demographic, geographic, in-market audience, interests and behaviours.

We work closely with all the TV reps and we pride ourselves on timely, high quality commercials, and we are proud to say we have never let any of our clients down.

We are comparatively on par or below retail rates of the major TV Networks and Press Publications.  We curate positions inside major events and peak programming without paying premiums, maximise filler and bonus spots, run time exposure and provide page preference and bonus print runs for press.

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We also take advertising to the next level by placing targeted & re-targeted digital commercials across the Google Display Network (including YouTube), social media platforms (including Pinterest, Snap Chat, Instagram, Linked in, and Facebook). This means we create a conduit between your website visitors and marketing message, accessing targeted audiences through their preferred on-line application, reinforcing your sales message.

Many of our client enjoy the fact we produce a 30 second, 15 second and a 6 second commercial for the as a standard. The 6 second “bumper” commercial is placed on YouTube at the start of clips that have been searched for. The 15 second “in-line” is placed in between clips. Same for Facebook and Instagram. Different strategies are implemented for Pintrest and Snapchat if applicable. And, of course, the 15 second and 30 second is for television.


As a creative agency we generate ideas and produce content. All creative comes with “creative assurance;’’ if you’re not happy with the final creative content we don’t release it until you are satisfied. We have years of experience in content production.

Our creative concepts are generated by experience and talent in the creative industries.

We also exclusively provide Wallis Cinemas with representation in Mildura for cinema advertising. On average the cinema receives around 300,000 ticket sales every year, and runs the commercial segment 16 times a day across all 4 cinemas. Your business can be advertised and all you'll pay is $375 including GST per month.  That works out to $12.50 per day and $0.78 cents per showing.  Pretty great when you have a captive audience and an impressive large screen to show your business.


oh ... and we do this!!


Facebook live and YouTube live is now the  benchmark for live event and corporate presentation recording and broadcast. We run two to three camera plus computer inputs into a live switch setup to stream for professional presentation of your events.


There are many social as well as business applications for streaming. These include:


  • Businesses – Corporate training, product releases, and shareholder meetings

  • Conferences and trade shows – Keynote speakers and product presentations to remote attendees

  • Schools/Universities – Drama, music, sport, online courses, news & event programming

  • Houses of Worship – Services and events to remote locations

  • Musicians/Performers – Online shows and performances to attract ‘social’ audiences

  • Sporting Events – Live action to expand the teams fan base.


For more about live streaming click here